3.6.4 query sort

To all,

I asked this earlier with no response; 3.6.4 is supposed to allow 

sorting by custom fields. I tested this and found that not to be the
case. The following is a result from 1 such test:

2007 Full Cost Report Software Enhancement/Customization
51931 CS Division Level I Manual Production Data Fix
2852 Change STARS Forced Bal Software Enhancement/Customization
1885 Fix Description on ZGL Other
1982 Add Environmental table Other
2847 Verify New STARS Edit Consultation/Question Answered
2854 B&R mapping to STARS Software Enhancement/Customization

The far right column is called "Resource Type" and that was the custom 

field I sorted on in ASC. The results do not match my request. Anyone
have an idea as to why?