3.6.3 CSS - fonts are BIG

Not necessarily an RT question…

I’m using 3.6.3 and I find the fonts a bit on the large side. I know a
little about CSS, but I don’t quite know how to do what I want to do. I
see that just about all of the font-size definitions are in ‘em’, which
is good, because it’s relative. But how do I set what it’s relative to?

I know I could go in and change all of the values, but I’d really rather
keep my CSS changes to a minimum, to ease upgrades. If I could set the
base for the relative size to, say, 80% of what it currently is, that
would be perfect! I’d like to set the base relative as well rather than
set it to a specific point size, to honor the user’s default font size.

Thanks for the help!


Joe Casadonte