3.6.1 attachment problems

Just upgraded to a new box, Solaris Sparc to Gentoo x86,
and from 3.4.5 to 3.6.1. Mysql was downgraded from
5.0.21 to 4.1.21. When I copied over the DB I did the
dump with the --default-character-set=binary option
set. I have tried all char sets in my.cnf, i.e. utf8,
binary, and latin1.

I can not view any old attachments, but even worse,
new attachments are totally useless also.

Attaching a .xls spread sheet gets corrupted and
useless when trying to use after being sent to RT.
When you download the file, it size is now different
from the original and just shows garbage when trying
to open…

14336 May 3 2006 Original/Server-Summary.xls
14331 Nov 7 12:06 Server-Summary.xls

Looks like it lost some info.

Attaching a .gif or .jpg image via email causes the following to
be output when clicking on the attachment link…

(yep, just the link listed in a blank page which is not clickable)

Attaching a .gif via the create ticket form takes the image but
when you go to the ticket and try and view the image I get a
window with something about “the image http… image canno”

Basically any type of attachment except text is corrupted.

I’ve searched all over the place but really can’t find an answer
or even a hint. Any one got any pointers or ideas? Thanks
Tim Rosmus trosmus@nwnexus.net
Postmaster / USENET / DNS
Northwest Nexus Inc. / NetOS Inc.