3.4.1 and CustomFields for Users

Hi guys! :slight_smile:

I just installed 3.4.1 on my FreeBSD 4.11 box, and got some queues set
up, and some groups.

The groups are:

Administrators (members: root)
Helpers (members: Group:Administrators)

I have two users… root and ges.

ges is currently an unpriv’d user. root is, as above, a member of

As root, I created a CustomField, called “Affiliation” (multiple select,
with 4 options).

It’s enabled. It shows in the list. It’s associated with Users.

Under “Group Rights” the only group with any rights to it is
Administrators. Administrators have full access: AdminCustomField,
ModifyCustomField, and SeeCustomField.

When I go (logged in as root) to “Configuration” “Users”, and add a user
(or edit a user), nothing appears under “Custom Fields”?

What am I doing wrong? :-/