12 days "ago"

Not trying to pick nits here, but on the search page, the age and last
columns have “## [min|hours|days] ago”.

Can that be shortened to “## [min|hours|days]”?

Dropping off the “ago” will allow the column to be narrower, taking up much
less real-estate. It’s implied, just by the fact that it’s an age column.

Just a thought.

Russ Johnson
Stargate Online

ICQ: 3739685

I agree with you. I think this would be a good change to make. We ended up
removing that from our instance of RT.

In the lib/RT/Date.pm file, I just changed:

return ("$s $string $negative");


return ("$s $string");

You might know how to do that already, of course.

Actually (with the help of several nice people on the list), I changed the
space between the two variables to a   to prevent wrapping. Of course,
when you do that, you have to add a ‘|n’ to TicketCell (I believe) so it
won’t de-HTMLize it. I kinda wish this were the default, as the text wraps
even without the ‘ago’. This makes the rows much easier to skim through.