1 problem fixed, 1 major problem to go

The upgrade scripts were not run. Once the insert was done for the 3.5.1
upgrade, the issue with the Content context was resolved.

However I am STILL seeing attachment data corruption for RT-3.6.0 and
mysql-4.1.20. My character set is set to uft8 in /etc/mysql/my.cnf. Does
anyone run mysql 4.1.20 and NOT have this problem, if so can I get a copy of
you’re my.cnf?


This is running on gentoo, was an upgrade from 3.4.5 to 3.6.0. Was a
working install until mysql was upgraded (we think). At this time binary
file attachments were all corrupted (Word docs primarily).

Is there a work around for this other than to downgrade mysql?

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