1.3.57 rt

pallas:/tmp/rt-1-3-57# more ChangeLog
2001-03-20 04:26 jesse

    * Makefile: bumping the version

2001-03-20 04:20 jesse

    * lib/RT/Action/SendEmail.pm: regexps with three /s need a leading
    s ;)

2001-03-20 04:16 jesse

    * bin/rt-mailgate, lib/RT/Template.pm: fixing scrips-related
    mailing stuff. some transaction mailing used to bomb out.

2001-03-20 02:46 jesse

    * etc/config.pm, tools/insertdata: Work on robustification of the
    mail gateway. including single-transaction blacklisting of
    addresses that might generate bounces.

2001-03-20 00:41 jesse

    * lib/RT/User.pm: Work on user.pm to allow users to be disabled.

2001-03-19 18:03 jesse

    * webrt/: autohandler, Elements/MyRequests, NoAuth/Login.html,
    NoAuth/Reminder.html: fixed the MyRequests bug that caused them not
    to be listed.  nonexistent users no longer get shunted to

2001-03-19 15:30 jesse

    * bin/mason_handler.fcgi, bin/mason_handler.scgi, bin/rt,
    bin/rtadmin, webrt/Admin/Elements/ModifyTemplate,
    webrt/Admin/Elements/ModifyUser, webrt/Admin/Global/Template.html,
    webrt/Admin/Queues/Template.html, webrt/Admin/Users/Modify.html,
    webrt/Elements/MessageBox: Fixes for perl path and textarea bugs
    noted by Arthur de Jong

2001-03-18 14:58 jesse

    * lib/RT/Attachment.pm: Removed an extra signature attachment

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