Is out. it contains bugfixes and cleanups relative to 1.3.48.

   --id=<int> now works in the cli
   ordering and sorting of tickets now has sticky preferences
   delete methods got ACLed where they needed to.

Oh. and I’m getting my wisdom teeth yanked out tomorrow. Don’t
expect me to be too quick to respond to email for the rest of the week.

1.3.50 should have “full” postgresql support.
1.3.51 should have webui cleanups
1.3.52 should fix bugs with scrip conditions
1.3.53 should add search-by-date to RT::Tickets and the cli and web uis.
1.3.54 should have a much better tested mail gateway.
1.3.55 should be Beta 1.

with any luck, I’ll get one of these out each day next week :wink:

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…realized that the entire structure of the net could be changed to be made
more efficient, elegant, and spontaneously make more money for everyone
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