Office 365 integration with RT 4.4.2

I am sure that I am asking a dumb question that has been asked before (but I could not find any specifics), but I am not a Microsoft expert. I am trying to have my RT 4.4.2 system use office 365 shared mailbox as its incoming mail server for accepting and creating new tickets. Does anyone have any good guidance how to make this happen or any instructions. Anything would be greatly appreciated.


I’d say the key is using fetchmail as the o365 <-> rt connector, but its not required as you can do it lots of different ways, and most of the general strategies for connecting rt and and email apply and don’t need any o365 specific strategy.

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Thanks so much. I suspected using fetchmail was likely the answer but wanted someone to validate it.

Hi Todd,

fetchmail and office 365 does not seem to work anymore because of oauth and disabled basic authentication. any suggestions to get email from office 365 in rt?

Whilst we use Office365 for mail here, the mail destined for our RT queues are set up as aliases that point to the RT server (that runs exim mail server) and that works fine.

If for some reason you’re tied to O365 mailboxes this previous forum thread answer might help?

Thanks, i found that solution and tried to install the script, however i get an syntax error… i started an issue hope he knows what the problem is.

You got an error installing Getmail or some other script?

Hi knation, i was reffering to the suggestion that GreenJimll made, and tried the o365getmail python script. where i get this error.

[root@localhost o365getmail]# python /root/rt/o365getmail/ --auth
File “/root/rt/o365getmail/”, line 47
def ensure_absolute_path(my_path: str):

Are you using Python3? Syntax errors usually suggest the script is for Python3 and Python2 is being used

Thanks, that was the problem, i needed to start the command with python3 and not python…