Establish data connection from RT to Power BI


I’m trying to establish data connection to Power BI to have reports and dashboard to show live ticket count, request count of major categories, and resolving time.

Problem 1: I’ve tried establishing data connection to RSS feed and it was good until this issue keep occurring:

Xml processing failed. Either the input is invalid or it isn’t supported. (Internal error: ‘\b’, hexadecimal value 0x08, is an invalid character. Line xx, position xx.

I’m aware of why this happen but haven’t been able to fix it for good.

Problem 2: RSS feed provides a fixed set of columns and as I’m only a user, I don’t have the privilege to customize it to add more. Currently, I download the spreadsheet feed manually to create reports but it’s rather manual.

I’ve tried to create a data connection to spreadsheet feed but it would result in redirect error or possible cross-site request forgery error. The file also take a long time to download if my search results have many tickets.

I wonder if there’s an easy solution for a user to extract, or better, to establish data connection to Power BI. Any help from you is greatly appreciated.

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You could use some kind of cronjob to use the RT API and the Power BI API to update the Power BI data