Create Auth Token via REST API 2.0

Is it possible to create an auth token via the api when you create a user? I want to create users programatically (when creating users in another system) and then have things interact with the API as those users…

The page RT::Extension::REST2 - Adds a modern REST API to RT under /REST/2.0/ - describes your options and for tokens it says “Once you’ve acquired an authentication token in the web interface …”.
So, it looks like you need to fetch your token with other means than the REST API 2.

I had cookie authentication configured for my RT and resorted to accessing the ordinary login page with a normal HTTP request spiced with the parameters “user” and “pass” with appropriate values. The request itself was created from an HTTP session object so the cookie was henceforth piggy-backed in all subsequent requests so no extra effort on cookie mgmt was needed.

Just discovered the WebNoAuthRegex config parameter. It might allow you to turn off authentication for the REST API, if that’s feasible for your case. See