Client viewing all tickets for their organisation

We’re looking at rolling out the client portal features of RT, and one of the questions we’ve been asked is how to give a user at a customer access to all of their tickets. It’s easy enough to add a user to a ticket and allow them to view the tickets using the ShowTicket permission, however that is a manual process and prone to human error.

Customer/Client etc doesn’t exist as a first class entity in RT, in the same way as user, ticket, transaction etc and we currently map tickets on to clients using a custom field.

Ideally we’d like to allow a group of users to access all the tickets that have a custom field set to a particular value. Is that possible?

And related, what’s the current best practice for mapping users to clients, and to tickets, is there a better way than a custom field associated with the ticket.

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Are these tickets in a single queue that is just for the client? If so you could create a group for the client, give that group ShowTickets on that queue and put the client’s user accounts in that group.

Currently we have one main queue called Clients but as part of this work we’re looking at multiple queues aligned to ITIL tickets types, to make SLA management easier. We plan to have Incident, Change, RFI, etc queues. I hadn’t thought of individual queues per customer, but it might work as we have relatively few customers. Not sure how that would scale though.

Probably the easiest way to set this up is to look at the options for the Self Service Interface:-

SelfServiceShowGroupTickets: Set this option to true to show a section with group tickets on self service pages.

Then create a group for each client and put all the users for each client in the group(s).

Should be possible to write a script to search for where you have a custom field on a ticket, lookup the requestor(s) on each ticket and add those requestors to the right group based on the value of the custom field.

The SelfServiceShowGroupTicketsmight help.

See: SeeSelfServiceGroupTicket guide - #3 by rubberduck