Your internal change procedures?

Hi list,

I was just curious what other organisations do regarding the
management of all changes and development on their RT instances?

For example, if you have a team developing custom integrations/add-
ons to RT, do they have a separate development instance? who handles
the migration of the completed add-on into the production/live RT
instance? Is every change documented somewhere?

Similarly for managing via the web interface; eg. do you have
multiple people creating Scrips? Is this done all on the live site at
the risk of interrupting currently functioning Scrips? If not, do you
do this sort of work on a development instance and then have a person
in charge of doing quality assurance and then migrating these changes

Any thoughts would be interesting. :slight_smile:

Tom Lanyon


We are in the process of designing a "workflow" process that is 

executed by scrips that require a CF to be changed to a specified value
(approval of the request, approval of the testing, approval of the QA
results, etc.) before automatically promoting the ticket status to a new
value (“rq approvd”, “qa approvd”, etc.). This meant adding some new
ticket status values, creating a Custom Field with values relative to
the approval of each stage of development, an “Approval Group” as the
only group with the permission to modify said CF and of course, the
scrips to execute when the CF is modified. We initiated this design as a
more robust answer to the “Approvals” concept that RT offers as a default.


Tom Lanyon wrote: