Workflow Reporting

If I have the following queues:


and the following groups:


A ticket would come into TT-Triage and someone in the DispatchGroup
would take the ticket and decide whether to send it to TT-InsidePlant
or TT-OutsidePlant. Someone from the ISPGroup or OSPGroup
respectively would take and work the ticket, then push it into the
TT-CustomerResolution queue where someone from the CSRGroup would call
the customer and follow up to decide if the trouble has in fact been
solved. If it has, the ticket would then be pushed to TT-Billing
where someone in the BillingGroup would take the ticket and bill the
customer. The ticket would then finally be resolved.

I’d like to be able to see how many tickets passed through the
TT-OutsidePlant queue, how long they were in the queue, who worked the
ticket and how long it took them. These are the metrics. Obviously
they’d need to be displayed/arranged/sorted in different ways.

My question is, Is there a ticket search that I can do that would
show this information? If not, is this information even available?
i.e. Does each ticket keep track of each person that worked on the
ticket and how much time they had it?

How should I attack this?

Any tips/pointers/RTFM would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,