Words of wisdom from the voice of experience

If, hypothetically, one were to be mucking around with the keyword select
frobs on the command line, and if, say, one were to run a command like
this, naively thinking that you were trying to add a keyword called “log
analysis” to your Keyword Select called “Area”:

rtadmin --queue ops --modify-keyword-select Area --name “log analysis” --single

then you would (in theory) find that your queue which had previously been
named “ops” would have changed its name to “log analysis.” This might not
exactly be what you had been looking to do.

Assume, further, for the sake of argument, that you were doing this late
at night, and that in your beer-fuddled state (assume beer. Always assume
beer.) you thought that you had created a new queue, not renamed an old
queue. As a result, you might just go to the web gui and uncheck the
"Enabled" box for this queue, rendering it somewhat difficult to reach and
causing you no end of worry as you go looking for your little lost queue.

Say that you realize what you must have done and successfully change the
queue name back to “ops” on the command line, but are unable to find any
tool, cli or gui, that will re-enable a queue, once it’s been disabled.

Given all that (and it’s an unlikely story, I’ll admit), you might be able
to reverse your mistake by performing the following actions:

mysql rt2

mysql> select id from Queues where Name = ‘ops’;
| id |
| 1 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> update Queues set Disabled = 0 where id = 1;
mysql> quit;

Yours for a more informed populace,


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