Windows Installer: Problem Installing 2nd Time

I’m playing with the RT 3.0.10 Windows installer, and it’s slick! I
installed it and it worked perfectly the first time. Unfortunately, I
uninstalled it and can’t get it to work a SECOND time. I get to the point
where a browser pops up pointed at
http://localhost:8284/cgi-bin/initdb.cgi, and it seems to stop with the
error: Unknown DBI error (Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘localhost’
(10061)), aborting!

Has anyone else seen this problem?

I don’t have any other instance of MySQL running on the box (Windows XP).
I’ve gone through the registry and deleted all MySQL keys left over from
previous installations and the install still fails. I’m not sure how to
troubleshoot this.

Don Johnson

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