Windows 2003 based RT 3.0.12 fetchmail problem


I realize this issue has been hashed over, but I can’t seem to find a
reliable answer. I am getting a fetchmail error indicating a possible
mda problem. I’ve attempted to install cygwin and replace the
cygwin1.dll file within the RT directory structure, as was suggested.

I am still having issues, though. I really would like RT to grab emails
but know enough to get myself into trouble (figures, eh?).

Would some guru mind taking a moment to help me with this problem?

Here is a snippet:

fetchmail: IMAP> A0009 FETCH 1 RFC822.HEADER
fetchmail: IMAP< * 1 FETCH (RFC822.HEADER {1020} reading message of 1 (1020 header octets) About to rewrite
Return-Path: Rewritten version is Return-Path:

About to rewrite From: “Justin Schumacher”
Rewritten version is From: “Justin Schumacher”

About to rewrite To: “ Rewritten version
is To: “

fetchmail: about to deliver with:
c:/Progra~1/Ourinternet/Reques~1/rt/bin/ – url
http://localhost:8284/ --queue GENERAL --action correspond #
fetchmail: IMAP< )
fetchmail: IMAP< A0009 OK completed
fetchmail: IMAP> A0010 FETCH 1 BODY.PEEK[TEXT]
fetchmail: IMAP< * 1 FETCH (BODY[TEXT] {10655}
(10655 body octets)

fetchmail: IMAP< )
fetchmail: IMAP< A0010 OK completed
fetchmail: SIGPIPE thrown from an MDA or a stream socket error
fetchmail: socket error while fetching from
fetchmail: 6.2.5 querying (protocol IMAP) at Wed Mar 22
12:05:26 2006: poll completed
fetchmail: Query status=2 (SOCKET)
fetchmail: Deleting fetchids file.
fetchmail: sleeping at Wed Mar 22 12:05:26 2006

Everything prior to the top line of the snippet seemed okay, no errors
were reported that I could find. I would be happy to post the entire bit
if it would help.

Any help would be wonderful.

Thanks so much,

Justin Schumacher
Network Administrator and User Specialist
n-Link Corporation
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-c- 425.830.3248
-f- 425.435.1119
-e- jschumacher(at)nlink(dot)net
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