Wiki article adding custom fields to quick ticket

Has anyone used this doc with RT 4.0.10 This is holding us up for approval to put RT onto the floor.

We have followed it closely but seem to have a compile problem with rt4/local/html/Elements/QuickTicket which is a update to QuickCreate

The code section:
var defaultQueue = ‘<% $defaultQueue %>’;
if(defaultQueue == “”) {
defaultQueue = jQuery(‘#quick-ticket’).find(‘.select-queue[name=Queue]’).children().first().text();


Returns a compile error:

torrepo:/opt/rt4/var # [Fri Mar 15 18:11:56 2013] [error]: Error during compilation of
Global symbol “$defaultQueue” requires explicit package name at
/n/software/linux/servers/rt4/local/html/Elements/QuickTicket line 86.

It seems to be having a problem with the variable $defaultQueue

Does this have to be defined explicitly in or somewhere else?
Or perhaps when the document says “and add some JavaScript to load the custom fields and display them” I am putting it in the wrong place"


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