Where to learn about ScripConditions and Scrips

I want to learn how to use Scrips, ScripCondiditions and ScripActions in
RT3. I can’t find any docs on how to use the “Custom condition”, “Custom
action preparation code” and “Custom action cleanup code”. I can’t seem to
find docs that explain all this.

Initially, I just want to make RT not send the autoreply to the requester
unless the request came in via email. I mean, I don’t want the auto-reply
sent if I create the request within the GUI. I do want the ticket contents
to go to the requester via email, though.


— Mike R. Prevost

Quite old thing but maybe useful for someone. This is described in RT Essentials book:

Custom Conditions
If it returns true, the scrip continues and executes its action. If it returns false,
the scrip is done.

Custom Actions
If the action’s prepare phase code returns a false value, then the scrip is discarded
and the action’s commit phase never runs. This allows an action to decide not to
run. If your action always will be executed, you can just define code for the commit
phase. The commit phase should be where the action does things like send email, create a
new ticket, etc.