Where can I find the meaning of {Transaction->Content}, {$Ticket->CcAddress} etc.?

Good day,
Is it documented somewhere the meaning of those, I
guess it looks like rt macros(sort of like in nagios)
or something, or is it
beyond the reach of end users? I’m referring to
{$Transaction->Content()}, {$Ticket->CcAddresses}

Our netinfra guy asked me
there’s a way to automatically send a carbon copy of
the email upon ticket creation but without him
to enter anything on the cc field. I told him yes,
there is, I can put it on the watchers list, but
only future updates will be

What is the equivalent macro or something for those
entries in Cc/AdminCC inside watchers list??

So that I can put:
cc: {Watcherslist}

right above the subject line of the autoreply

and the contents of the Watcherslist will be
automatically cc’d right upon ticket creation.

Thanks a lot.

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