What is the best way to contribute documentation to the RT CLI tool?

I have some additional example commands and would like to fix some markup formatting mistakes to the CLI page of the wiki, but I am not sure what the best way to go about this process would be.

I requested an account on the wiki and never heard back. According the the front page of the wiki, I should be able to edit.

I see the ability to submit a pull request directly to the rt-client-cli repo, but the issue tracker is disabled. Is there an issue tracker or is this discourse the issue tracker?

The RT command line tool is extremely useful, but I have had to figure out many of the things I use through trial and error. I would like to pass on my tips to new users.

I can’t speak about the Wiki (I’ll leave that to the Best PRactical folk) but when I’ve found a bug or added a new feature I’ve often reported it using BP’s own RT instance for issue tracking: https://rt.bestpractical.com/

That’s netted me responses from the folk at BP on several occasions so it is definitely looked at. You can also link to the ticket you generate on here so it gets seen be a wider audience and/or discussed if you feel that might be useful.

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