Weird Loop problem

OK, here’s a challenge for us all:

I have a user, over whose shoulder I have stood, even though he’s very competent.

He created a ticket in the web interface of RT. He then goes into pine and shoots off an e-mail, cc’ing an alias that we have for RT (it contains a - but no other special characters, and other aliases have a - and we’ve had no problems, and there’s nothing been done new that I know of to RT nor sendmail), putting in the appropriate tag in the subject line.

It gets into the ticket, and then the ticket sends the message to the alias again, which bounces.

Any ideas why RT would send an e-mail to an alias to itself, when the original e-mail went through just fine?
Both the correspondance and comment address are set to the alias,

OnCreate NotifyAllWatchers with template Autoreply
OnCorrespond NotifyAllWatchers with template Correspondence

are the ONLY scrips on the queue (they’re our only global scrips and there are no other scrips on the queue).

the queue cc and the queue admin cc are the same person, and they go to a working e-mail address. They happen to go to the same person that sent the message, although the From and Reply-To address are different from the e-mail address that the queue cc and queue admin cc are.

Any ideas? syslog is showing that the mail was in fact sent, and resent.

-Sheeri Kritzer
Systems Administrator
University Systems Group
Tufts University