WebUI - webmux causes apache to not start

Basically, as long as the line:

PerlRequire /var/rt3/bin/webmux.pl

is in my httpd.conf, apache will not start at all. No errors, no core, no
logs entries, nothin’.

I have posted an output of a ktrace on httpd -X at:

Relevant data includes:

  • VirtualHost directives are copied verbatim from install instructions
  • OS is OpenBSD
  • Apache chroot() is disabled
  • All prerequisite perl modules are installed
  • mod_perl is statically linked with Apache
  • mod_perl is 1.29, apache is 1.3.29

Any ideas, suggestions, or solutions are aprreciated. Apologies in advance
if I’ve been to brief/left something out.

Josh Kocinski