WebFallbackToInternalAuth and Apache!


I set up our RT3.4.4 to use WexExternalAuth and

The apache2 utilizes mod_auth_pam and is configured
with the following lines:

<Location /rt/>
DirectoryIndex index.html
AuthType Basic
AuthName "Restricted Resources"
Require valid-user

The result is that apache ask for my login, and after a successful
login i’m in the rt. but if i use a login which is

  • not known by apache-auth/pam
    i don’t get to the rt login page. instead apache prevent the

  • has no rt account
    i get the rt login page again (what i expected) but
    after login with a “rt-user” i have to login each time
    again when i press a link in the rt.

so could i configure this any way “smarter”. I would like a
fallback if the apache-auth fails in any way.