Way to force AtAGlance page to a single column?


Some of our users are forced to use a small browser view (limited
desktop real estate).
It really jumbles the display in 3.6.1 and they are asking to cut the At
A Glance page down to a single column, getting rid of all content except
(for example) a saved search display or “My Tickets” , etc).
If I go into the Edit screen for the Home/AtAGlance page, and I remove
all the “portlets” (content sections) except the one, the result is a
split screen (as if there were still content on the right hand side
(like reminders), even though there is nothing there).

How can I make the only content segment/portlet take up the full screen?

Tough to explain, hope I got it across ok. I guess in essence it would
be the equivalent of removing the right hand frame completely, if RT
used frames.

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