WatchAsAdminCC : other rights needed?


In our RT setup, we have a ‘staff’ group with people who answer tickets, move tickets to other queues and so on…

Now one of them want to become and AdminCC so he gets informed when new tickets arrive (and so on). I have given the permission of WatchAsAdminCC to the ‘staff’ group, but further they don’t have extra permissions (no Admin menu (ShowConfigTab) nor create/delete/modify of queues (AdminQueue)).

Then how can they add themselves as an AdminCC? Are there any other permissions I need to set that allow this while not exposing too much extra functionality (e.g., the full Admin menu; even if they don’t have the permission to change anything)?

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WatchAsAdminCC right is only to allow you (or in this case everybody in staff group) to set yourself as AdminCc of selected ticket. After this action you will be able to do with the ticket everything, of course depending on other queues rights (you can be Admin of a ticket but when you have no rights for example in target queue where you want to move the ticket, the move won’t be performed).
If you want them to move tickets from one queue to another use ModifyTicket right. And SeeQueue on target queue.
If you want them to be AdminCC of the certain Queue (to receive mail updates and do everything), you should set the staff group to AdminCC in Watchers queue config: https://your_rt_instance/Admin/Queues/People.html?id=1.

You can find more about rights at and subpages.