WAS Questions about the "Take" link - Now Due Prob lems

Cool - Exactly what I wanted.

This did exactly what I wanted!

Having done this I thought I’d add the Due field after the status, but that
generates a problem.

When I add the Due field as follows:
{ Header => ‘Due’,
TicketAttribute => ‘Due’

Any Due dates not set appear with a date in 1970 as opposed to “-” (this is
probably something to do with the Unix date function working on the number
of days since a date in 1970).

Does anybody know how I can get it not to display anything if it is not set
rather than make it look as if my RT system is run by a bunch of guys who
have not yet managed to get out of the sixties .

Ideally, I’d also love to have the line show in red if the due date has
passed - is this possible?


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In your config.pm you could change this:
{ Header => ‘Take’,
TicketLink => 1,
Constant => ‘Take’,
ExtraLinks => ‘&Action=Take’

To this:
{ Header => ‘Take’,
TicketLink => 1,
Constant => ‘Take’,
ExtraLinks => ‘&Action=Take&Status=open’

Note the difference in the “ExtraLinks” parameter.

That would change the “Take” link to perform both a Take action and change
status to open.

And if/when you do this, don’t forget to restart httpd so mod_perl picks up
the module modifications.

Matt Disney

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