Viewing approvals

Not sure if this is a bug…there are no bugs listed on your website for 3.6.3at

I have created an approval queue with the following script as per the wiki :

The template looks like this:

===Create-Ticket: Approvals-IBM

Depended-On-By: TOP

Queue: Approvals-IBM

Type: approval


my $group_name = ‘IBM Approvers’;

my $groups = RT::Groups->new( $RT::SystemUser );



     'FIELD'    => 'Name',

     'OPERATOR' => '=',

     'VALUE'    => $group_name );



Owner: username-of-owner

Content: Someone has added a request for the IBM Migration Project. Please
review and approve it.


I have added roll, group and user level ACLs for this Approvals-IBM queue to
myself, yet I cannot see any approvals using the “My approvals” menu.

The tickets I create all have a depends-on link to the approval ticket.

I am finding this incredibly frustrating, can anyone see what I am doing

Michael Osborne