Very tricky double CreateTickets bug in RT3.0.12

Hello RT developers,

it seems that RT3 has trouble creating links for tickets when
"CreateTickets" Action is called twice.


Ticket created in “Virus Report”
-> on Create, CreateTickets
Ticket created in queue “Infection”, Members = TOP
-> on Create, fill CustomField
-> on CustomField = XXX, CreateTickets
Ticket created in “Enforcement”, MemberOf = TOP

Now, whats happening is that the ticket in “Virus Report” is created,
causing a parent to be created in “Infection”, causing a child in
"Enforcement" when a certain condition is met.

If CustomField != XXX, this works and stops as expected.

Ticket 1 in “Virus Report”, Ticket 2 in “Infection”, 1 being child to 2.

If CustomField = XXX, the second CreateTickets script fails with ‘Can’t
call method “can” on an undefined value at

I have: Ticket 1 in “Virus Report”, Ticket 2 in “Infection”, Ticket 3 in
"Enforcement", 3 being child to 2, but 1 NOT being child to 2.

Apparently, the creation of the “Members” link for ticket 2 is
postponed, but after the second “CreateTickets” run, the required
information is lost. Error occurs here:

    $RT::Logger->debug("Assigned $template_id with $id");

–> if $T::Tickets{$template_id}->can(‘SetOriginObj’);

Is there any fix/way around this?

Logs are attached, here is a relevant extract of the CreateTickets

for “Virus report” queue:

===Create-Ticket: Infection
Queue: Infections
Members: TOP

for “Infection” queue:

===Create-Ticket: Inform
use vars qw/$msg $user $admin/; # define global vars for this template

# $msg, $user, $admin are done

return '';

}Subject: {$Tickets{‘TOP’}->Subject}
Date: {$date}
Queue: Enforcements
MemberOf: TOP
{( $user ? "Requestor: ". $user : "Cc: ". $admin )}
{( $msg )}

Best regards,

Ruediger Riediger

Dr. Ruediger Riediger Sun Microsystems GmbH
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