Version in footer didn't change after upgrade...?

Hi everyone –

I finally had enough time to do the upgrade from RT 3.0.3 to 3.0.7 using
rt-3-0-7_01.tar.gz. I followed the instructions and did just the
./configure (with the original options I used from 3.0.3) and “make
install”. I didn’t get any errors and the RT install seems to work just
fine - except the footer still says:

	>>|<< RT 3.0.3 from Best Practical Solutions, LLC

I was sort of expecting to see

	>>|<< RT 3.0.7 from Best Practical Solutions, LLC

Not quite sure if the upgrade was successful based on that - any ideas,
or can I just go home? :wink:

Thanks –

–Ryan Conley
System Administrator
The Equala Communications Group

Did you do a full restart of Apache? I did the 3.0.7 upgrade, and my
footer is fine.