Using template "New Pending Approval"


I’ve set up Approvals and now they’re working fine (very usefull
feature, IMHO). But I have some questions …

queue Support
queue Approvals

Wherever I create a ticket in Support an approval ticket is created in
Approval - that’s ok, but the watchers of the Approval always get this
type of e-mail:

Sun Jun 13 03:20:52 2004: Request 145 was acted upon.
Transaction: Ticket created by RT_System
Queue: Approvals
Owner: nobody
Status: new
Ticket <URL: >

Of cource I understand that this is a result of the template which I
have constructed for the approval script in queue Support, but I can not

  1. Why there is a template “New Pending Approval” in queue Approval?
  2. When that template will be used?
  3. And are there any possibilities for me to allow watchers of the queue
    Approval recieve not that message (I’ve stated before), but the result
    of the template “New Pending Approval” from the queue Approval?

Alex S. Burba

Alex S. Burba wrote:

Perhaps my watchers always get such e-mails because the queue Approval
has been enabled. After disabling it everything began to work just as I

Alex S. Burba