Using/Sorting Categories of CustomFields


I sent this e-mail before subscribing to the list and I don’t think it got
through. Additionally, I fogot to include my technical specs.

I’m new to RT and struggling to find detailed documentation about the
"Category" field for a “Select one value” CustomField. The FAQ states that
it allows one to do a two level select, but I’ve found three issues with

In IE: Choosing a category in the first select does not affect (filter)
the second. I found this reported here:
In Firefox: Choosing a category, selecting a value from that category,
then changing the category does not reset (clear) the selected value.
Shouldn’t this be the normal behavior? Has any one changed this?
I need to sort a custom field by its category and then its name. The
problem I’m encountering is that the category names are repeated if they
are not successive. I can fix this by specifying the sort value for each,
but it would be better to change the SQL sort. Does anyone have a
recommendation for changing this? I’ve been trying to track it down.

I’m running RT 3.8.4 on Solaris 10 with Apache 2.2.11, mod_perl 2.0.4,
,MySQL 5.1.36, and Perl 5.10.0.

Thank you for your assistance.