Using Oracle Text in RT

I am currently running RT 5.0.2 and 4.4.3 and use Oracle 19 as the back-end database. I have installed/configured Oracle Text for the RT database account and have run the rt-setup-fulltext-index program. This created the Oracle Text index on the Attachments.Content column just fine.

The search for content still takes about 12 seconds so I took a look at the sql statement that RT was passing to the database. I see that it is still using the LIKE clause instead of the CONTAINS clause.

For example it uses:

AND Attachments_2.Content LIKE ‘%<search_value>%’

Instead of the Oracle Text syntax

AND contains(Attachments_2.Content, ‘<search_value>’, 1) > 0.

I did a search in the file and I do not see that it even uses the Oracle Text syntax.

Seems it needs to use the CONTAINS clause in order to utilize the Oracle Text index. How does one get Oracle Text to work correctly in RT?