Using Local Time for Due Date

I noticed that when tickets are created, that the time zone the due
date is set to GMT instead of local time zone. This is a bit confusing
because the rest of the interface shows times according to local time.
I’m running RT 3.08.

The relevant code in Create.html is:

if ($QueueObj->DefaultDueIn) {
my $default_due = RT::Date->new($session{‘CurrentUser’});
$ARGS{‘Due’} = $default_due->ISO();

Looking at for

The relevant code in states:

sub SetToNow {
my $self = shift;
return($self->Set(Format => ‘unix’, Value => time))

I just took a look at 3.0.9, and it appears that this code is still the
same. The question I have are a couple:

  1. How can I modify the code so that it displays local time instead of
    I tried looking at the other areas of where it sets local
    time, but I’ll admit that Perl isn’t my best language.

  2. If I display local time and the user sets the due date in local
    time, will RT assume that the due date is GMT when the form is posted?
    Surprisingly, I think the answer here is no. I think RT is expecting
    local time instead of GMT, but I’m having trouble tracking down the
    relevant code.

Thank You,