Using to email queue members

hello all,

i’m a little green to perl and RT (sigh but i learn very quickly), and
have been trying to figure out a way to re-email queue members if a
ticket has been left open or new for longer than a period of time.

i found the escalator and addons and found them to be
a good starting point. what i’m looking to do however is to escalate
priority to MAX on tickets that are left “new” or “open” for longer than
30 minutes, AND not only escalte but EMAIL certain queue members to
remind them of the unresolved ticket. has someone seen an add-on like

my feeling is that i have to look at ScripActions and find the code that
emails certain queue members, and hack at escalatepriority to not only
escalate but also email queue members. does this make sense? am i
looking in the right place? any pointers? has someone already done

i would think that if the ticket has been escalted, that the
OnTransaction Scrip i have in place would take hold and accomplish this
all for me, but i haven’t been able to get the OnTransaction
NotifyAdminCcs to actually work… that’s another email but just in
case… here is my error message.

RT::Action::Notify=HASH(0x89ce84c): Could not send mail for

what i see alot in /var/log/rt2 is a bunch of very small log files with
the same message inside. shrug. another issue to look at.

john castillo