Using CLI : Custom field fails to enter?

RT 3.6.7 running on Gentoo

Dear all,

I apologise if this question is an obvious one. After much searching, I
am hoping someone has a simple/short answer.

Trying to create a ticket from CLI, with one custom field in it
Custom field is called: Map

rt create -t ticket set Queue=“Scripts” Subject="New"
Requestor=“Darafeyen” text=“No info available.” CF-Map="Weaving the
Ticket 14 created

Similiarly, these dont work :
CF-Map='Weaving the Pattern’

This creates the ticket, but does not populate the Map field. (it has no
value in it, when viewed)

Custom fields entered by the web interface do work, and are available
from both the web and CLI rt show as below.

./rt show ticket/2 results in

CF-Map: A New Beginning

Is it a real bug or a user Bug :slight_smile: ?