Using a Google Apps Form to submit a ticket in RT

Hello everyone,

Sometimes you want to have people fill in a form and have all the data
appear in a ticket. After a few weekends toying with the idea, I
believe I have something worthy of the RT wiki. We use this system in
production for tasks ranging from asking for new hardware to having
the vendors notify us when a new software version is available. Here
is the general idea:

  • Create a form in Google Apps.
  • Add a script to send the newly inputed data by email (and the
    triggers that go with it)
  • Configure rt-mailgate to have the form create a new ticket in a
    particular queue
  • Take each field from the filled form and transpose them into CustomFields
  • Send an email to the support team letting them know a form was submitted
  • Send an email to the person who filled out the form, letting him
    know we received the info

Check it out at the address below and let me know if I missed something