Users with multiple email addresses


We have several users (both privileged and unprivileged) who use
multiple email aliases going to a single account. Often they will
correspond with RT from multiple accounts; is there any way to tie
multiple email addresses to a single username in RT (and just use,
f’rinstance, the first one on the list for correspondence?)

One nasty wrinkle that we’ve noticed: a privileged user who’s a senior
member of our dev team sends emails with a “from” line of
“aa@stillsecure” and a return-path header of “bb@stillsecure” where the
username in RT is tied to the “bb@” address. When he tries to comment
on a ticket, RT appears to bounce his email because “aa@” is not a
recognized user… and then sends it anyway as a reply which goes to
the requestors. I verified that this email went into the system only
once, via “rt-mailgate --action comment” so something within RT is
getting mightily confused about what’s supposed to happen. We cannot
afford to have developers worried about whether their internal email is
going to be accidentally sent to the customer…

/Ole Craig
Security Engineer

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i have many accounts of privileged users on my rt system, and my problem
is that most of them use more than the one email address which belongs
to there primary account. Happily i have located most of the different
email addresses that belong to each of our privileged users.
Now i would like to know, if rt provides a way to merge all the tickets
that got created with the different email addresses of one privileged
users to this users primary account.

(Ole Craig also wrote about this matter in his email form the
08/25/2006, but i couldn’t found a reply )