Users only allowed to see their own tickets within a queue

I’m terribly sorry if this is a very trivial question.

I’d like to set up permissions for a user such that he is only able to see
tickets that he created, so I suppose, tickets for which he is the
Requestor. I granted the user ShowTicket and CreateTicket rights for the
queue in question, but without SeeQueue, he was unable to even create a new
ticket since he was unable to see the queue (the drop down list of queues
just came up empty). If I give the user SeeQueue rights, then he can see
all tickets in that queue. What am I missing?

Thanks a bunch,

Jonathan Reeder

You should give SeeQueue and CreateTicket right to the user and right
ShowTicket to requestor role only. He creates ticket and becomes
requestor because of this he can see it.

Read for more info:

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