User Defined Scrips for use with Custom Fields in Assets

Hi All

Being rather new to RT and having never programmed in PERL before, is there
any examples or articles on how to write User Defined Scrips for Custom
Fields in Assets?

What I am looking to do is to trigger a Scrip when an Asset is created or a
particular custom field is modified.

One of the actions I would like to take, is to force uppercase on the
contents of the field and then check to see if they are unique for that
field for all the records in this particular catalog. If it is unique then
go ahead and write the changes, if not then notify the user then return to
the input screen, hopefully preserving the contents of the fields before
they were submitted. Effectively using this field as a key field for the
Assets in the Catalog.

Another action is to be able to use the contents of a couple of custom
fields plus a string or two in the code to replace the contents of the Name
or Description fields. That way I could build a consistent Name or
Description based upon content from more defined custom fields, such a drop
down boxes and dates.

Thirdly, if you could trigger on when a lifecycle/status code went from
in-use to a specific something else such as ‘Returned’ (added to the
lifecyce) which would then clear out any HeldBy roles.

If somebody has already done anything like this or can get me pointed in the
right direction I’d appreciate it.


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