User customfields not showing up in the user form


I have created customfiedls which applies to Users. Since RT 3.4.5 allows us to
create custom fields which apply to users or groups.

But the custom field does not show up in the user form. There is a place in the
user form to show the user custom fields but it is alway empty.

I checked in the code. It seems that the code is trying to join CustomFields and
ObjectCustomFields to get back a row which applies to the user in the form.

But from the code it seems that a row in ObjectCustomFields is only created for
Ticket customfields and not user and group customfields, and it is only created
for ticket customfields when a queue is selected in “Applies To” form. But
Applies to does not come up for the user custom fields.

When I put a row in ObjectCustomFields with Object Id 0 (apply to all users)
then I can see the customfield in the user form.

Could someone please clarify why is a row not created in ObjectCustomFields for
the user custom fields/or shouldnt’ there be a applies to form for user custom
fields so that we can select which user does the customfield applies to ?


Hi amit,

It’s not necessary to modify code.
Into wed page of RT, verify if you selected your custom field into
Configuration-global-custom field-users.
After that, you grant rights to see or modify this custom field to users or
groups you want to.

I hope it will help you !

Take care!


Nathalie Gagnon
Les Industries Amisco Ltée
L’Islet QC, G0R 2C0


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