User custom fields

RT-3.6.1, Apache2,mod_perl
Anyone using User custom fields and its working for them ?? I created a
user custom field and I can’t see it from either
or from User/Prefs
I applied Todd Chapman’s patch
( , but that just given
me the wigdet (Custom Fields), and nothing in it …

Looking at the sql generated :
SELECT DISTINCT main.* FROM CustomFields main , ObjectCustomFields
ObjectCustomFields_1 WHERE ((ObjectCustomFields_1.ObjectId = ‘103’) OR
(ObjectCustomFields_1.ObjectId = ‘0’)) AND ((main.Disabled = ‘0’)) AND
((main.LookupType = ‘RT::User’)) AND (( =
ObjectCustomFields_1.CustomField)) ORDER BY
ObjectCustomFields_1.ObjectId ASC, ObjectCustomFields_1.SortOrder ASC ;

It fails because there nothing for =
Is the bug when a custom field is created or is it on pulling the custom
fields?? or is there something screwed with my RT ??

Re submitting my query cause I really need help with this …
How to get User custom fields visible from Preferences and Admin/Users

Roy El-Hames wrote:

I managed to get these visible , it seems that UserTabs was missing the
CustomFields link …
Now another question how do I apply a User Custom field to all (priv)
Or bulk apply similar to applying Ticket custom fields on queues
Anyone any ideas … PLEASE

Roy El-Hames wrote: