User creation question

Forgive me if my question has already been asked. If someone
has any pointers on the following I would appreciated it.

We need to allow users to submit requests by email as well as
give them the ability to view the status of their requests.
Our requests could potentially come from anywhere both local
and external.

I’ve been able to configure RT to accept mail from an external
source and create a ticket, and add the message to the correct
queue. If I check the users list I can see that the external
email account has a user name created for it. However, I cannot
seem to figure out how these users will be able to look at the
status of their request.

If they go to the login page and type in their email address for
the login it still expects a password. I’ve created an account
manually with password that looks like they would be able to view
their own requests. Is there a mechanism already available that
would either:

a) Automatically issue the new user a password?

b) A mechanism to allow them access to their ticket based on
the ticket number?

Any assistance on this would be appreciated. Thanks.