Use of UpdateRecordObject


I need a little help in determining the proper way of calling sub UpdateRecordObject ().

In looking at the Mason compiled version of Modify.html, I have come up with the following
fragment of a call to update an existing user object. I know it is not right but can’t
figure out the proper way. The error msg I’m getting is:

Can't use string ('Name') as a HASH ref ...

I suspect my problem is beginnng with the “ARGSRef => …” argument? Can someone set me

-Paul M

#!/bld/RT/bin/perl -w

use lib “/bld/RT/lib”;
package HTML::Mason::Commands;
use strict;
use English;
use RT::Interface::CLI qw(CleanEnv);
use RT::User;
use RT::Interface::Web;

my $usage = “Usage: rt-adduser [-n|-p] {posthandle}\n”;


my $UserObj = new RT::User(RT::SystemUser);

try updating existng object

 my @fields = qw(Name Comments Signature EmailAddress FreeformContactInfo
	    Organization RealName NickName Lang EmailEncoding WebEncoding
	    ExternalContactInfoId ContactInfoSystem Gecos ExternalAuthId
	    AuthSystem HomePhone WorkPhone MobilePhone PagerPhone Address1
	Address2 City State Zip Country
 my @fieldresults = UpdateRecordObject ( AttributesRef => \@fields,
				    Object => $UserObj,
				    ARGSRef =>
					Name => $name,
					EmailAddress => "$email",
	 				Password => "$passwd",
	 				Comments => "$comment",
              				RealName => "$fullname",
	 				WorkPhone => "$tel",
	 				City => "$city",
	 				State => "$state",
	 				Zip => "$zip",
	 				Country => "$country",
	 				Privileged => $priv_rights);