Upgrade from RT3.8.8 to 4.4.4


We’re currently running RT 3.8.8 + MySQL on Debian and would like to migrate/upgrade to RT 4.4.4 on new server

RT3 server haven’t the ‘rt-serializer’ util but I have it it a backup with this command:

mysqldump -u root --opt --skip-lock-tables --single-transaction --default-character-set=binary --databases rt3db | gzip > dump.sql.gz

The documents that I have seen are confusing so I would like to know which is the best option on whats the best practice. Install rt via apt-get or via tar?
After this answer, where can I find a good procedure?

Thanks so much.

I think both are okay, if you are comfortable with installing the required Perl modules for RT then I would say use the tar’d version since you know all the RT files will be where you install RT. Sometimes the packaged versions put files in different places which can make finding them take longer.

ok. better with tar.
And where can I found a detailed guide official or unofficial to do all process?

They have a docs page:


And for install you can follow the README