Upgrade from RT 4.0.9 to 4.0.11

I have been running RT 4.0.9 without issue on CentOS 6.4 for a few months. I
went through the upgrade and after completed the login screen still have
4.0.9. I then did a fresh install on a VM and the login screen properly
shows 4.0.11.

Steps: unpacked 4.0.11 then ran ./configure, ran make testdeps and no
issues, ran make upgrade then make upgrade-database (showed nothing to be
done on DB since 4.0.9), cleared Mason cache and restarted apache.

Any ideas if I am missing a step?

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I figured it out. No need to reply.

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I figured it out. No need to reply.

Would you mind including your solution in case someone having the same
issue is searching the archives?

With 4.0.9 install I went with /usr/local/rt which ended up being my problem.
• ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/rt
• make testdeps
• make upgrade
• make upgrade-database
And all works fine.

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