Upgrade-database fails on pg_hba.conf errors

I am working my way through upgrading our instance from 4.2.12 to 4.4.1. I got past the ExtrenalAuthId issue by copying the contents of ExternalAuthId to AuthToken in the 4.2.12(test) db, then nulling out the ExtrernalAuthId column in the db. When I run

sudo make upgrade-database

now, however, it fails as shown here:

yet I did make the required changes to pg_hba.conf prior to trying the upgrade:

I’m hoping those images loaded, the "Your topic is similar to… pane is covering the preview and I can’t seem to close it.

Anyway, what is the obvious thing I’m missing??

The obvious thing I was missing was I reloaded, restarted the wrong instance of Pg. Duh.