Upgrade clarification

New user in new job. Tasked with upgrading from 4.2.12 to 4.4.1. in item 6b of the 4.4.1 README it says to install new binaries etc by running:
make upgrade

Is this done in the rt4 dir or the existing rt2 dir?


I’m currently working on an upgrade to 4.4.1 and I ran the ‘make upgrade’ from the unpacked download folder… in my case that’s ~/Downloads/rt-4.4.1.

I read it that the upgrade process will put the new binaries into the normal code destination structure… overwriting the existing RT4.2.12 code. Hence why the webserver should be shut down… once you run ‘make upgrade’ you’ve got RT4.4.1 binaries but still have an old version database.



Thanks for the reply ML. I did indeed run it as you suggested and it worked properly. Now on to a host of other upgrade issues!