Updating ticket produces blank entries


I have RT 3.2.2 that was upgraded from 3.0.8

Some time ago i noticed that blank entries are put into ticket history (doing
a traceback through tickets i found out that this begun just after the
upgrade). It seems that every time the Update.html is called, a blank
correspondence/comment is added to the history (blank as in only the system
date and the action ‘laas - Comments added’ is writen into the entry).

Further on - when i play around in the Update page with the e-mail addresses
that the updates are sent to and ‘Saving changes’ every step, again entries
are put into the history, only this time they contain the subject of the
ticket and everything that is written into the messagebox at that time. Also
the action’s name is different, being correspondence or comment, depending on
what i have selected from the drop-down menu before saving changes.

All this means that commenting/replying to ticket always produces at least two
entries, from which one is empty. And when i change the e-mail addresses, even
more entries are created.

Is this normal behavior?

Best regards,
Laas Toom


I have RT 3.2.2 that was upgraded from 3.0.8


Are your database tables in mysql? Are they InnoDB tables or

MyISAM tables? MyISAM tables are not supported for RT.



I accidentally replied only to Jesse, so now to the list also:

Yes, the tables are MyISAM, so now i have to convert them or smth.
Only problem is that i have mysql from rpm and it does not support InnoDB, but
i can not find mysql-max package for fedora either.

Does anybody else have had this problem? what’s the best solution (install
some other Max rpm, e.g. from mysql.com, install from source or migrate to