Updating rt2 to rt3: problems with umlauts in keywords


I’ve tried rt3.0.1 yesterday but have trouble updating my tickets.
We are currently using rt 2.0.15. In one queue, we have keywords
with german umlauts (eg. “Br�ckner”). The dumpfiles look good, so
I think that at least the export script rt-2.0-to-dumpfile works fine.
The dumpfile-to-rt-3.0 is configured with “iso-8859-1”.

But in rt3.0.1 the keyword is destroyed (“Brckner”). Searching
for such tickets doesn’t work, no tickets are found.
I then added a new keyword “Br�ckner” again, but the tickets still
could not be found.

My configuration: perl 5.6.1, apache 1.3x, modperl1, mysql

Other umlauts, eg. in subject and comments are displayed without an error.

Any hints?



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